Saturday, November 20, 2010

Glass and hibernating


Winter is here. The cold is getting worse and it's cold inside too. The darkness is heavy and dense. Do I need to say that I am closing in on hibernation?
It is easy to feel it now... energy is low and the urge to make creative things are a little heavy. It does not scare me at all... I am used to this feeling during winter. But it is still annoying. Because it IS the creative stuff that normally makes me smile :)

But I do get something done. I still attend glass and that is my joy of the week ;) I have made these "Sismofytter" on the photo up above. They are in my kitchen, making me smile when I walk by. Who wouldn't smile over these faces?

But other than these glass things, I don't get much done. A big dish/plate is on it's way from idea to real thing. It is cut in long pieces layed together and then burned into a huge heavy plate.

But other than glass I don't get much more than alittle knitting here and some crocheting here, done. But nothing that you haven't seen before. :) A bach of wallets here, and some mobile puches from Kastaniestrik, there.

I do feel the winter is getting under my skin, ruining my creative feeling, and I am getting a social-creative person. Do you know that feeling? Or am I the only person who makes most, together with other creative girls, during winter? :)

Today I will relax... doing nothing at all. I feel that I have been doing something EVERY day for a while now. Nothing tough...  but enough to make my body ache and telling me to stop NOW ;)

(The photo above is a mobile photo.... normally they kind of sucks, but this one is better, as I've got a new phone. The old one rebooted in the middle of an sms or a conversation. And this new one is much better, making better photos. :) )

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More glass ...

Today I brought home some xmas ornaments, I have been making in glass :) Both xmas trees with a small candle holder glued on the back side. Both as single and double trees.
And then a few big snowflakes, went home today and got some ribbon on, so they can hang in the window, glittering in the winter sun :) Niiice....

So now I just need to find some great ribbon for my small angels. But that shouldn't be that hard.

But it's not easy to have time for everything. So if I have to make some xmas ornaments for both me, gifts and sharing, it seems like time is running out on me :) But I can cut out some more snowflakes, and bring them to the oven next week :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am exhausted, after squashing 20 bags of cans. But then it was great to sit down and enjoy my parents tree, a Japanese Cherry tree and it's beautiful golden and red leaves. Now it's done for this year.... most of it's leaves are spread around the entire lawn. I look forward to this sight every year!
Today we smashed the 20 bags of cans. And again by driving the car back and forward over and over again ;) So now the trailer is filled up with 15 bags of squashed cans.... that is about 60 bags of unsquashed cans! They will be brought to the junk yard on thuesday.... gosh there got to be quite a few KG on that trailer :)

For the first time, I have not taken off all the pull tabs. So this time it was much much easier.... nice!! :)

This is what it looked like, after squashing 20 bags of cans....

They take op quite some space there in the driveway.... and a lot of them ended up in the lawn, pressed down hard, so the lawn is now filled with holes ;) .... (angry mother)
But GOSH it looks stupid to showel cans with a snow showel ;)

But okay, now the couch is calling .... My knees are teasing me at the moment... so annoying!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fiiiinally done...

Finally I got this butterfly done :) I know it gives me soar fingers, from bending the steel... so I have been looking at it several times.....
But today, it was the day! :)

Sooo bending, bending, bending.... and a whole lot of welding, then you've got a "small" butterfly.

And then putting in the glass and adjusting here and there :) And then ready to hang, or just stand....
I had a little trouble with the antennas, untill my father gave me some little balls from ball bearings... ofcourse, just the right thing for this project :)

SO now my fingers are just done for today (and tomorrow), and the butterfly is now sitting on my furniture, here and there... can't decide...

And I even have two more dragonflies who are waiting for the same treatment...
But good that it's done now, that I have two displays comming up. Both in the bank, and at a display called "den blÄ hund" (The blue dog). Where about 50 local artist has been invited.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I knitted a house

WOW I have been knitting :) That's a long time since last time I did that! But this was a small cozy project :)

A small mobilehome, from Kastaniestrik.

It is felted a little, so now it fits my phone perfectly. I think it was a bit difficult to sew in knit. But finally it worked out.

Should I just start up another one? Yeah, I think so....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More glass

Just thought I would show you this little cute "Sismofyt"-thingy, that I made on Glass workshop yesterday :) What kind of thing he is, I do not know... but quite cute right?

I think I will make a few more... a little cloning... maybe in more colors. Then I can make a "Sismofyt" farm ;)