Friday, October 28, 2011


It's getting cold outside now :) And it is getting very visible in Nannas wardrobe. An impulsive walk at 11 in the evening isn't that warm anymore. So more layers of clothes are added, together with lot's of warm knitted acessories!

I have to admit, that at this time at night, I stay indoor!! Arrrr well, not the night where Nanna and I sat outside in the garden chairs, with cosy blankets and warm clothes, just to see a huge amount of shooting stars! ;)

But well, if she really wants to walk around with layers and a denim jacket.... I could as well use her fairly new parka coat.... It's may as well warm my butt!!! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning to make a ring

Today, and 3 more days, I will learn how to make my own silver jewelry. Or at least I am trying to take in as much info as possible ;)

Right now I am making a ring. First a 3 mm ring is made from scratch. Cutting the 3 mm wire, file it, hammer it in shape, solder it together and  grind it very fine. Then wind a fine silver wire around the thick one. This one will be shiny. Then I have soldered it together... and now I just have to wait for a whoooole week untill next time :) 

I am NOT good at waiting, while working on something new and exciting!

My thought is, that next time, I will solder a lot of smalle bobbles of silver on the ring.. especially on th thin wire...s o that it will be almost hidden... and maybe put on a small gem too. I am not sure... because new ideas pops up all the time and my mind changes... I want it all.. but that is not easy with only 4 times of teaching.

But YET another thing I could see myself do at home! SO for my family: This xmas I wish for a burner, half a kg silver, some art clay, some of this and that, some pincers and pliers and so on.... GOSH I can't wait for xmas!  (... hmmm or.... )

I guess that for now I am just looking forward to next thursday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

This is what happens

Look - This is what happens when shopping on an empty stomac! ;) So many temptations, when walking by the book section at Bilka!!

I looove cookbooks and find it very very hard not to buy them :) At least I have to look just a little bit....

Most of them will be used a lot. Others are mostly there to inspiration. But often I really just need people to eat my cakes and dinners :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New hair

Well a "please just take a quick snapshot of my hair" doesn't do anything good for my feeling of hating to be photographed. ;) But will, I promised an aftershot, so here it is.

I now have lot's of different lenghts in my hair, a little shorter, and asymetric bangs. The colors are new for me, I usually end up with a dark brown, with a shade of another brown or black in it.

But this time, I've got 5 different colors in it. A black underneath it all... you can see it on my shoulders. And then 4 colors: Orange, red and a shade of grey/light and a golden brown.

For the first time, in a looong time, I actually went home, with a good feeling and a: Okay, this can be good :)

I always get an idea for my hair, that never will be done, or I just end up with a boring version of it . But this time more colors were added. And something that actually looks like a haircut and not just staight bangs and straight in the back.

So maybe next time, I will add even more colors!

But for now, I am happy with the warm golden colors, for this grey winter :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The blue-green period

This blue-green wave is hitting me again.... ;) But we received some new blue and green colors at the shop... So I had to try.

The cute larve just went home with me...and already it's taken by my friend Louise. She asked me if I could make some cute stuff for the kids room... for the top shelves ofcourse.... So I had to try that too.

This little bird, I had to try too :) It turned out well, I think. It isn't that wierd in the stone... I just put it there loosely. I will fit it correctly later on. I have to drill some more holes in the stones. But they tend to split in two, almost each time!!

This little birdie, used to have a partner, but something happened in the oven and it looks like crap. They were supposed to stand on a stone in my garden.... But maybe next time :)

This little fellow you know by now ;) My little "sismofyt" :) Now in blue as well. I actually thought this should be mine, to stand besides the green one, that I already have. But now, as soon as he went home with me, someone snached him ;)

This small blue "bowl" I have made a few times. Very cute shape... it's light, thin, and with blue frits and clear dots along the one side :) Maybe for a few candles or some sweets.

This ashtray wasn't made by me. I rescued it from the scrap. My own home is smokefree... but maybe someone else could use it :) It's a pretty blue/black color, with parts that are clear.

So I actully do make glass these days :) I just forget to show you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pride !

Today I became a "substitue-aunt"!!! ;) My best friend gave birth to a beautiful daughter today. She is sooo cute and pretty :) And yep, I am so proud of them! Think about it.... isn't it a wonder that we as humans, can make such a miracle?

Calm now, I am not thinking about a baby again ;) But I am impressed and very proud on their behalf. And happy that I had the opportunity to follow her all the way through. And to be amongst the first ones to see her, only a few hours old :)

Back almost 18 years ago, when I gave birth to Nanna... I was put through general anaesthesia, right after I gave birth to her. SO I don't remember a lot from the first day... and I was too tired to really enjoy. But now I am just looking, enjoying, looking, smelling her tiny head, and just taking it all in :)  And I enjoy it sooo much! 

The proud new big sister, was so cute today. "Look, there's my new baby sister"; she pointed proud. And "Look, flowers for mum!", as she showed the flowers she brought for the new parents. She is in a funny age right now... telling so many funny stories.

As today, when she was told about her new baby sister and her new title as Big Sister! "But I can still fit my shoes?!, she said, very confused. Hahaha so funny.... I guess she thought she would wake up, as big as her bonus-bigsister ;) Strange world huh?

But what a great day.... getting up to sunshine a new little worldcitizen!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


On the 2nd of october, my grandma could have had her birthday. She is very missed and she have ment the world to me in my life. She was one of those very positive people, you never heard her complain about nothing, never said anything negative or leant back and said: I can't do that. Never!

Grandma was my number one! Grandma was the one who were ready, after I got home from school, with a nice talk, a hug, a bowl of fruitsoup with cream, a warm lovely smile, some positive words and enough patience to teach me how to knit... even though I was not very good at it!! ;) She just smiled and showed me again and again and again.

Grandma was also a woman with an amazing ability to grow plants. All over their home you would find beautiful flowers. If she was out on a trip, she couldn't help herself but to "borrow" a little sprout, just to bring it home and grow an amazing new plant.

Grandma and grandpa (Grandpa is still with us and he turns 96 on december 1st, and he is still driving his own car :) A person to be proud of), sometimes took us on a camping trip. That have brought me lots of memories. Once they picked up me and my brother and my two cousins, and drowe for a long while and stopped by a small forest. We went for a walk and had lots of fun. Grandpa made us some willow tree whistles and grandma brought lemonade and cake. We simply had a great day! And we were convinced that we have been far far away ;) Later on, years later, we found out that we had been only a few miles from town ;)

Grandma was there for us during christmas too... we were baking small christmas pepper biscuits and small cookies shaped as animals... and then we decorated them with colored icing. Not very pretty but deffinately funny!

So the other day, with my dear grandma in my thoughts, I bought the figure above. It's called "Rememer - Always I will remember" and is from the company  Willow Tree by Susan Lordi. I bought my first one, last year, while Nanna was in USA and have been in love with them for a long long time. They are so cute and really shows emotions in a beautiful way.

And very soon I will get another one... actually with grandma in my thought as well. A little girl holding a bouquet of forget-me-nots in her hands (you'll see it on their website, on the front page) Grandma loved those tiny flowers and had them on their terrace. And often you'll see a small bouqet of them, on her grave. A pretty tiny flower, wich always makes me think about my grandma :)