Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creative days in Fredericia

Glass art.

YES! Today have been a super nice day!! :) I woke up this morning very tired, after a long but very nice evening at friends yesterday :) And a night where the kitten were very very active ;)

But I was looking SO much forward to this day! I met up with Bettina and Helle, and we drowe together to the center. And eventhough we were there early, there were a lot of people.

Cool butterfly paitning.
And as always there was a lot to seee, touch and buy ;) I fell in love with both paintings, glass art, jewelry yarn and art.

Cool sweater
Just to show an example... both Bettina and I fell in love with this cozy sweater :) Thick, soft and cool :) But pretty expensive, as they used 3 strands of yarn.
But who knows? Maybe some other time?

wow :)
But here was also other nice stuff. Look at this dress... not a dress you just sit down and sew over night :)

GOT to have!!
This is the third year in a row that I see these lampshades. They are awesome!! :) I swear, each year, that THIS will be the year that I make on of those :) But... eeeh.. maybe this year??

Huge glass bowl
Saw awesome glass art too! Thick heavy bowls :) WOW!

Yummy Sayfarth shawls
One day, I tell you, I will own one of these!! I looove her shawls and jackets. This year I saw a short jacket I just wanted to bad :) And it would fit me perfectly!!! Soooome day!! :)

BUT I bought something else :) And we were busy walking and shopping and meeting people! And I met both Annette, Yt, Moccapigen and sister, Jette... And also exhibitors who we know by now.. like. Geilsk, Modestoffer and a lot of others.

Do you wanna see what I bought??
uuuh joy
I bought these tree from Kastaniestrik. Cute little projects :)

One of those to stamp shaped holes in paper :) I have a project in mind for this one... I will tell about it another day :)

One single of these for a small project ....

And ofcourse a little tiny amount of jewelry parts ;) uhhh yay!!

And last but not least... a knitting kit!!! :)

Yep, sorry I got you to fall out of your chair... please get up again ;) But yep, you heard right... A knitting kit ;)
I bought a knitting kit for a short green poncho!! :) Beeeautiful color :)

But all in all a super nice day, that ended way too early, when it comes to curriosity, cozyness and so on.... but maybe in time, when it comes to my body aching ;)

Thanks for a great day!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What do you think ?

Now the back of the coat looks like this :) I am, right now, sewing on the lines that the feathers are attached to... I don't know what those things are called. It is very nice to sew... I am learning about sewing by hand and what the stitches are called.

But I am wondering... should I sew on some beads in a random pattern, by the birds tail, like on the photo? I know that peacocks are a little speckled there... so maybe? .....
What do you think about it? And do you have other ideas, like beads or similar?

Monday, October 25, 2010

The coat continued....

Finally I got to sew all parts on the black fabric :) And thanks to Dorthe from "Modestoffer", I finally got some orange and white fabric for the head of the bird!
Next step is to se a lot of details by hand. Both for the feathers and some xtra bling.

And after that, some pearls in the top of the birds head. And then I am closing in on sewing it all on the coat. But about that, I am in doubt. Should I iron it on with Vliesofix? Or just sew it on and then attach it to the coeat by sewing small flowers here and there. :)

Well, theres a lot of questions, when you start a project you really don't know much about doing.....


There you go! Two finished and dry trees :) But they will not stand by themselves, like my friends trees. So I had to put some steel wire inside them. I have no idea what I have done different from her, but mine is just not cooperative :)
I will try to make some smaller trees too, maybe they will cooperate!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knitmaster and trees

Today I bought myself an Emperial Knitmaster, and immediately started to knit x-mas trees. A dear friend of mine, allready had a machine like this, just without an instruction manual. But now we have one for sharing.... And she fought to find out how it worked, without!!
I got hooked from looking at her work, and for years I have wanted one of these, but never got to do anything about it. I thought they were more expensive.

So now was the time...

THe first thing I tried was, as told, x-mas trees. They are made of 6 triangles each. So I have practised decreasing my work ;) And I REALLY have practised to knit with a "Cookie-monster" on my lap!!!

But finally I won the battle... here you go: 6 triangles... knitted and sewn together. :) Just ready for the laundry machine. I have used yarn from Holst yarn, great yarn for this too.

Aaaand here you go, a finished tree, right from the laundry machine. :) So it's still wet and not so fluffy as wanted. But hope it will be better when dry.
For a tree like this, I have used 50 g of yarn.

So now the question is...  Is it okay with Purple trees? :) I have only purple yarn now... so I guess it will be okay... and matching my home all year aroung ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coat and frustration

Now all the feathers is ironed on the fabric. Except for the 3 top feathers.. they'll have to wait untill the birds body is sewn on the fabric. :)
But the frustration is big... I still need a little tiny bit of orange and white fabric. So I walk around impatiently, waiting for the stores to open again monday! But how typical is that, now that you want to get done, right? :)
I have decided that the peacock will be continuing outside the shiny fabric onto the coat it self. So that a few feathers continues all the way to the front.
And I also want the motive to continue in one piece down the middle, and not let it get parted in two by the "belt" on the coat.

So now I also need a few fabric buttons to be made, and then a lot of detailing sewn by hand. Some of it before the fabric goes on the coat, and some after that. So there's still a long way for this project to finish. So I really hope for a good result :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

The coat continued...

I have been working like crazy here :) I have now finished alle the feathers. I still need a tiny bit of white and orange fabric, for the project to finish.
But on the photo above, I have placed all the parts temporarily on the part of fabric that will be on the back of the coat. How does it look? Is it how it should be?
To show how much space I have for the bird, I have postet a photo below. The part inside the pencils is the space I have. That is the part on the middle of the back.

This show that there isn't that much space to work with. You can also see it on this drawing!
But all in all the project is in progress and is turning out better than I thought in the first place. But now I have a few questions. Should I iron on all the parts now and then sew them on? Or should I iron and sew them one at a time? Well maybe the body first and then all the feathers?

And then I am looking for some shiny yarn in bright green and blue. I bought some the other day, but it is waaay to thin. I have to use at least 5 threads together, to make it show. Any ideas? Maybe crochet yarn?

If you click the photo above, to see it in it's full size, you can see that I have placed a small bead on each feather. I am thinking about sewing one on each feather...  But that is just one of several things I am still thinking about.. There will be a lot of finishing touches to do after this.

Exciting exciting... I have a hard time leaving it on the sewing table.. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I started on the coat

So now the coat is in the process :) And I even let you guys see the first feather... it became a little ugly, but okay for a first try. Practise makes better, I have heard. So I continue to pracise!

I started by making some squares of fabric with vliesofix on it. After that I drew the feathers on it. The pattern I made by laminating a drawing, and then cut it out. That way they will last longer. It was a great idea that my dear librarian Lisbeth told me. And she is awesome at doing this.

Right now I have cut out 16 feathers, ready to be sewn together. That is about half of the feathers on the finished bird. The next batch will be a little smaller. And it kind of scares me a bit... since this size is already tough enough to make. Especially the black part in the middle.
So if any of you readers is sitting out there with great tricks and ideas on how to make this easier, please let me know :)

In this post I have used mobile photos only. Not very great photos, but much more handy now that I am sitting and working by the sewing maschine :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabric hunting is over

I have been out shopping today :) Now I have found some fabric for my peacock. Yet I still need some black fabric, they were out of that. And then I need a little bit of orange/yellow and some white.

I also got 6 rolls of thread. Both some to sew with and some for decoration. And then I needed 5-6 small beads for the peacocks top, but aparently they sell only bags with loooot's of beads.

But now I am getting ready! So now I will test sew a few feathers, to find out how to do this. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fresh air

Even if the day started with minus 4 degrees celcius, the weather is very pretty today! And not even that cold. The sun is shining, so the frost is glittering in the grass, where the sun hasn't been yet.
Everywhere the frost is glittering like little diamonds, on branches, the leaves and the grass.

And if you look further down the path, the sun is trying to fight the frost and little perls of dew is spreading.

But even the beautiful dew drops won't stay for long, the sun still has too much power. And the dark woolen coat are still very warm in the sun.

But gosh the trees are loosing their leaves very fast this year. One night with frost and now the sun, makes it go fast. So don't wait too long to go out and enjoy the colors!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Project Coat

will it work?
I have been playing with "project-coat"! I have been dreaming about owning an original Desigual coat, but since I can't afford it, I started to play with other ideas like a "Poulsen-coat"!

Peacocks are so beautiful and I really love them and their colors. Sooo right now I play with the thought of putting one on the back of my coat.

From the beginning I wanted to make an embroidy. But I have found out that it's pretty expensive, as I need a company to do it, because of the size.
So instead I am thinking about applicating it on the coat. And the fabric will be different kinds of shiny fabrics, in the colors blue and green.
The part down the middle of the coat, where the bird will be, will be coated with black satin-like fabric, with subtle print of flowers in it... black in black. So that both the coat and the background behind the bird, will be black.

On the straps on the back, with the buttons and the pockets in front, I will sew satin in the same colors as the peacock. And on single button in front, will be coated with fabric too.

I wonder if this will work?! I tend to aim too high sometimes. I have NEVER tried to applicate anything before! ;)

For those who cannot picture it :) my sketch:

Friday, October 15, 2010


Thaaat's the way the cookie crumbles..... or is it how it sleeps? ;) Cookie is now her name! She looks like a chocolate cookie in her colors and isn't much larger than one. Okay okay, she will be larger later on.... but then she'll just be an XXL cookie ;)

She have been here for two days now and she is feeling very much at home already. It's like getting small kids in my home again. Everything is funny to play with, especially my plants. But also something as easy and cheap as paper balls. She walks around with them in her mouth, like a dog with a ball.

She is drinking her water in two ways. Both the ordinary way that cat's do, but also by dipping her little paws in the water and then licking her paws. I have never seen taht before. I have had quite a few cats during time and they all had some strange habits... but never this.

Her food is dissapearing form her bowl as fast as I can put it in there. So her appetite is very good. And the little "engine" inside her purrs all the time. She is in many ways an opposite to our latest cat, she loves to be up in my arms or on my lap when watching TV, or even sitting on my shoulder, if I lean back a little. At night she want's to tuck in right besides my neck and then her little paws is "kneading" my hair, while she is purring loudly into my ear.

She loves to be pettet all over. Both on her stomac, her paws etc. She is just so cuddly, nice and is demanding contact all the time. While she sits on my lap, with her back against my stomac, she looks up and she mews with her tiny little voice, demanding me to talk to her!

Do I need to say that I have my hands full? ;) She is very cute, she really is... but also a trial... she is into everything hanging loose or laying around.

Buuut eventually she is getting tired and colapses on the couch. And like little kids, she is very cute while sleeping! ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New inhabitant in the house

This cute little girl, tried to move in at my brothers place, in his workshop. So he tried very hard, to make me adopt her.... it was me or the Vet.
And frankly I couldn't do that to her. She seems healthy and so nice. Really cuddly and seeks to be near me all the time. She enjoys to crawl all the way to my neck and breathing into my ear, while she purrs very loud.
But I need a name for her! Do you have a good idea? :) Tomorrow she will see the vet., if they have a time for us. Then she'll be checked for disseases and maybe a little guessing on age.

Something tells me, that I now have a funnier reason why I cannot sleep very well, at least for a period of time ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still alive and kickin'

And I do get something done :) BTW my butterfly is done and is just waiting for me to mount it in the same way than my Dragonfly! Only my fingers haven't been fit for fight yet.

Other than that I have been making more clutches and wallets from pull tabs! Soon there will be x-mas and a lot of fairs.

But these days I don't get that much done. Because ofcourse now that we're in the middle of a weekend, I've got a toothache... and not just that, but a swollen face.  To have trouble with tooth sucks, so say it in a nice way! Why do some people have to have so much troubles with them?

But well, after a weekend with only youghurt, I can't wait for the dentist to open up.

Besides that, I was close to get a little house this week. But sadly a person got it just seconds before I did. Sadly because I were sooo ready to decorate the house and the garden! But well... better luck next time! :)

And then I cross my fingers to get something creative done soon... something new. Or maybe a photoshoot outside! Anybody who want's to come along?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have been shopping today :) Not like it was any luxury, I needed it. The cold is here and I'm freezing! So I decided on a black coat in thick wool. A coat that I want to decorate a little, to look a bit like a coat from Desigual or St. Martins. If I dare... we'll see :)
And also a pair of boots went home with me. The ones from last year...and if remember correct also the year before that, are done! So this wasn't any luxury either. I look forward to use it :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

My week

The girl in the grove

Even though I haven't been writing that much in here, I have been pretty active. At last I digged out my painting supplies, and that is a task on it's own :)
Actually I started with the painting below, but it ended up in a corner. Nothing would end up as I intended. What's wrong with it, I can't really say.... so it's still waiting.

After that I picked a new canvas and made the one above. That one ended up as I wanted it. It's almost like she's sitting in a grove, behind lot's of leaves. But I have a minor painters block, there is sooo much I want to do, but my skills isn't good enough. :)

But I'll just have to keep on trying more often. Or maybe end up taking a course, to learn some of the techniques I want to learn so much.

Also I have found some stones for the seagulls. One set is already on their way to a new owner. I hope they'll like them.
They have been funny to do and ended up quite good. The stone really makes a difference.

Tonight I have been out on a really womens night out. In our neighbour city there were a great fair, with our local shops, with both clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair dressers, massage, reflexology, psychoanalysis, clairvoyances, art and last but not least a great dinner for us all.. and all of it for WOMEN ONLY! :)

Surtainly something I could use more often! There were sooo many things I wanted to either by or try. But ended up with a finger ring only :) I also wanted to try massage, relexology and a hair dresser... but but but... money doesn't grow on trees.

But I did try the handwriting psychologist/ psychoanalysist... scary so precise she were. Both with ages, thoughts, personal stuff, and dreams... I still have goose bumps alle over. It's wasn't shallow information that everybody could guess, but really deep and personal stuff, so you wonder on how she could possibly know, from five lines om handwritten, random texst.

Well then I got to try that too :)

And together with the good food and wine, fruit/cheese and bread, it was a blast :) And last but not least, with a bunch of women :)