Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yummy, after a loong month without buying anything, like clothes or junk, I was very proud and wanted to spoil myself a bit. So I bought two cans of Chai :)

Wow, that is so nice!! The Orange Tiger Spice Chai, I knew from earlier. But the brown Power Chai, I did not know, so I had to try it. So two cans went home with me, from the teahouse "Thehuset Andersen", yesterday.

Often I have thought about making my own chai. But never really found a great recipe or found a recipe with ingredients I couldn't find :) Maybe because my brain tells me that Tiger Spice Chai, is REAL Chai ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today, when I got out of bed, I was so ready for the glass workshop. But the phone rang and they told me that they closed the shop today.... darn !!

Well then I had to use my energy otherwise. So when the fog was hanging heavy and dense, I wondered where to go for a little photoshoot. But I couldn't figure out a great spot. So I ended up on the couch, watching TV ;)

But later on, when the sun was shining bright, I changed my mind.  IF I just went and picked up Nanna after school... I would be very close to the Marilundskoven (a big forest) .... Then we could go for a walk there :) Done deal... and off I went!

It's kind of funny to walk in a new forest. The motives wasn't  that easy to spot.... and since I was walking with Nanna, I didn't spent the same amount of time, just standing there and watching the sourroundings. :)

Especially the pretty mushrooms and leaves :) The forest itself wasn't taht fall'ish yet. But okay, then I just have an excuse to go there again soon!

But also at home, in our own garden, beautiful motives are hiding. At 6 in the morning, I swear, I saw frost on the fences outside... It was white and "meltet" if I places my fingers on it ;)

So later, when I went outside, and the sun was high on the sky... It showed a lot of tiny drops in the little spider webs in the garden....

Monday, September 26, 2011


It has been a quite strange day. I walked a new route today, a route I don't normally take. And I have to admit that it wasn't my route.... No good motives and not the right light.

Days like this just happen I guess... The light won't work, the route is wrong, no good motives... even though there probably was lots of motives out there. I am not good at semi sunshine ... give me some beautiful sunshine og maybe a dramatic sky with thunder clouds please :)

But at least I met the woolen sheep... she reminded me of my knitting project... the green shawl called Camomille... I could just go home and knit on it :)

So one of these days I will try again... they say great weather will come this week ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


For the first time, since moving here, I went for a walk in the forest! I don't really know why I haven't been out there for that amount of time, because I really love it very much. Maybe it's the distance between me and the forest now.

Well at least I did it today! And I really enjoyed the pretty colors. But honest, how often have you been able to walk barefoot in fall leaves?! The weather was awesome out there... temp. was high and the sun were shining. More of those days thanks!!

I think I have mentioned it before, but fall and spring are my favourite times of the year, especially when it comes to photography. I love the colors right now. The nature is showing allmost all colors I can think of :) So you'll have to take it all in, before everything turns into grey colors and colder weather.

And since the summer was pretty bad, I really enjoy this late hot temperatures. Winter will probably be long and cold enough for me. I love snow, and I am crossing my fingers for a lot of it. But the darkness isn't really my thing!!

But well, a lot of us feel that way, I guess. I am getting slow, tired and like a bear in it's wintersleep. It's okay I guess, as long as I get that much more done, when spring is here again.

Down by the "Fish steps" (I don't know if it's called that in english),  tiny spiderwebs were hiding, filled with tiny little drops of water on it. I wonder how they spider can live in this.... how does it catch it's prey in this? But it looks awesome.

After the super wet "Summer" this year, the mushrooms are really taking over the forest. There are much more of them, this year. :) Actually I don't really like muchrooms at all... but they are pretty.

After the fresh walk today, and with a forecast talking about semi summer next week, I have an idea about visiting the "Marielundskoven" in Kolding. A big forrest there. It must be very pretty by now.  :) 

I am just not sure about how to get there yet... but I will find out soon :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Finally it looks like a success :) After lots of trouble it finally seems to work out fine, after discovering that there was a few errors in the knitting chart.

So now it runs smoothly and no more holes where they aren't supposed to be!

Now I am close to getting it in use :) Mine will work as a scarf instead of a shawl. I rarely get to use shawls for some reason.

Now I am wondering how to block it while drying. It is pretty huge and I do not have that kind of space on the floor. And I didn't get any blocking wires in time to do it... So I guess I will have to use a lot of needles instead :)

But no matter what, I am looking very much forward to use it. And for the first time, I guess, I feel the urge to knit another one too, in a different color :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy photoshoot

Photos in the rain, in a new way. Normally my rain shots are about raindrops or wet lawns, or things like that.

But a few days ago, Nanna asked me: "Mom, can't you shoot a batch of photos of me in the rain? Starting with dry hair and clothes, and ending it whit me soaking wet? I have a great idea!"

Eeehhh crazy girl, was my first thought. But okay, when it comes to new ideas and photoshoots, I am sooo easy to persuade. Every thought about a cold, or an pneumonia or other annoying consequences, she had to decide for herself.... I think, that ship has sailed a long time ago, with me sounding very mother-ish and reasonable. ;)

As you can see, it was a very windy and rainy evening. And I am pretty sure she was standing in the rain for about 45 minutes. And when we finally went inside again.... we had looots of hard rain.  Ofcourse, she by then were standing under the hot shower, getting warm again ;) So no more playing in the rain, that evening!

What her project would end up with, I am not intirely sure :) But I have handed over the photos on an usb stick, after snatching a few for myself, that I liked the most. Like those above.

Below, you'll see a very wet Nanna. And the end result of a very wet photo idea! ;)

Besides some photoshoots, I haven't been that creative lately. I got to knit a little on my Camomille shawl. I finally found out how to knit on the edge of it. But after discovering a few small holes along the edge, I was wondering about. I couldn't figure out if it was just loose knitting or failures.

So I decided to unravel the edge. Later this evening I will start all over .... but it ain't very easy knitting, with a teenage cat in the house! ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oskar light

Oskar has been neutralized today :) So after a pretty severe anaesthesia, (the vet. was surprised he was partly Holy Birma cat... these cats needs only half the anaesthesia, than normal cats) he woke up, a little less man.

He is still pretty drunk and very tired ;) But eats and drinks fine. Hope he'll be much better tomorrow!

On the photo: Oskar slept like this for an hour... exactly as I put him there... he didn't move an inch!!! ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knit a bike

I could SO much do this to my bike !!! I need something funny and crazy, to do... and I don't mind that my bike is a little wierd and people are looking ;) Maybe they already do that... but that must be because of the rusty bike, they wonder if it really still could be used without breaking apart.

Really!? Couldn't it be fun? ;) My bike's always parked inside, when not in use... so it should look nice for a long period of time. Only I don't have thaaat much different yarn scraps... I gave it away while moving here in febuary... But I do have some. 

I know that some one else in this house, would think it were sooo embarrasing.  So I got to think hard, if I would dare to make her feel that way, walking down the city, hidden under an umbrealla, to hide her shame to know me ;) .... thinking thinking thinking

Well I don't use my bike that often, so it's kind of a huge project, "just for fun"... but on the other hand, I need a project !

Right now I could actually have been knitting for the bike, as I am on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.... My throat is soar and I caugh ... not feeling very well. But well I will go back on the couch, thinking about if I should start this project. :) Have a nice day out there!

Monday, September 12, 2011


My best friend is pregnant... very pregnant. We have talked about this photoshoot for a long time, but since she have had a lot of premonitory pains the last few days, we wouldn't dare to wait any longer. :)

So my livingroom were made into a photostudio today and she brought an ekstra spotlight, because the weather were very bad and with no sunshine at all.

But then again, the lack of light, made it possible to really play with spotlights and shadows. A really great job, that I have been looking forward to try, even before I learned to know Louise.

But now the day is almost over and we have had a lot of fun.... and a lot of photos were shot. Among those, I picked two for you to see.... And I really think she is a very beautiful pregnant woman.

Great day, no doubt about that! And maybe also because I have been watching her belly grow and I look so much forward to meet the little miracle soon :)

The next photoshoot with Louise, will definately happen after the baby is born.... I am so ready to do a baby photoshoot :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today, was a day where I should have been relaxing on the couch, with a good movie. But the weather was so great and the lawn needed my attention very bad!! So no more procrastinating .... so I got out the lawnmower and started the hard work.

Goosh what hard work that was. I blame myself each time, I let the grass grow that high. At the same time, I blamed the wet weather we've had this summer. But if I have to be honest, and I do, it's more about procrastinating than the weather.

So today was the day I finally got myself together and did it. And not just the lawn were mowed, I also weeded the garden. You know, those round and square parts of the garden, in wich there are supposed to be visible soil, with no weeds and with pretty flowers. Except, at my place they are all empty, except for a few Hostas and a nice amount of weeds. And the weeds aren't quite tall enough to grab, but high enough to look really bad.

So down on my knees, to grab all that green stuff and remove it. So now you can actually see the soil.... or should I say the sand and stoneish soil we have here.... but NO weeds at all. Actually the garden looks presentable now! :)

And I have to laugh a little about myself, by thinking about what I was told this spring... Do NOT plant new flowers, bushes or similar untill the fall... or you will have to spend all summer outside, with a waterhose.
But what did we get? Rain rain and then some more rain. So actually I could have had a great garden by now ;)

But okay, now I can sit down and smile, because I have done the hard work, for a while. But maybe I'll hate myself tomorrow, bacause I HAD to do both the lawn and the garden at the same day.... But that's the price for beeing stubborn.

Nanna have been inside all day, doing her homework, at the dinner table. Only distracted by a beautifull sunray, that appraently called for a photoshoot of herself. And I am just happy that she didn't forget all about the joy of photography. And I snatched her photo and made the colors as I like it. :)

But now, the blue eyed girl and I, will get us something for dinner. We both deserve it. And a breake for Nanna, in the middle of her math ... I wonder if she have time for it ? :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


FINALLY I got to put my glass figures in a stone. :) Or actually it was the stones that needed to get holes drilled in them. A job I hate so much, as my blood preassure get's dangerously high ;) The stones are shattering so easy! Or maybe it's just because I don't have the right tools for it.

But today was the day, where I got it done! Especially the flag have been waiting for a long time now. One more is waiting, but my hands hurts badly, so I had no more strenght in them for bending the steel. So maybe one of the next days... at least the stone is ready ;)

The Storch on the other hand, haven't been waiting for that long :) But I had to get it ready now, as my best friend is about to give birth to a little girl... it can happen any day now :) :) :) So the storch has to be ready!

I just have to find some fabric less thick... maybe some tulle, so you are able to see the baby through it :) Well, we'll see what I find...

At least I got the figures mounted in their stones now and my conscience is now much better ;) And now I am wondering what to make next time I go to the glass workshop.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Silk screen printing

For a looong time, I have been dreaming about learning how to do my own silk screen prints!!! And now I guess it's time to explore this world.

Does any of you readers know how to do this? Do you have any materials like frames or something, that you want to share with me? Either to lend me or sell to me? :)

Maybe you even know about a book for Dummies, that could be very good to start with?

I am best with just doing things, or to watch it been done :) And since I can't efford an expensive weekend on  a course, some place in Denmark, I am ready to learn by doing at home, or at your place.(In denmark ofcourse)

Anyone? :)

If it is of any significance for you to know what I wan't to print on, it is both T-shirts and canvas and paper :)