Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finished lamp project

Lamps are done!!! :) The weather today was great for painting outside... no wind and a great temperature. 

Oh and did they turn out great or what??! I love that color! Which the observant reader already knows ;)

No matter what, I can't wait to hang them on the wall. I just need two click-switches to put on the wires, so that I am able to turn the light on and off, like the original lamps. The old switches are broken.... or at least one of them was... the other one was a new one, but in a dark gray color, NOT good !!

But I guess I'll find two new ones tomorrow. And then I'll have to find some light bulbs that fits, without beeing visible.

The procedure for this is very simple. Take the lamps apart, cover with painters tape (see previous post) and find a good spot with no wind, to paint your lamps. I choose my parents garage, to do it... with no wind at all, and just in case it would start to rain.  And remember, to move your car more than a few feet away, when painting with spray paint!!! Just sayin!!!  (my father knew this, so it's not my fault that his old ugly car now has a nice shade of lime green!! ) ;)

But all in all I guess the project turned out great :) And now I am looking for two more of these lamps, for Nanna. She wishes for a navy blue set for her room.

Ready to paint

Finally I am ready to paint my old lamps. They are now disassembled. I have closed all holes with painters tape and filled the lamps with paper. Paint is ready. And then I discover, that I have no more sandpaper!!

But okay, then I have an excuse to go see my parents for a cup of coffee.... I know they have lots of sandpaper. And then I can go home and paint my retro lamps.

And it's about time, I would say... the lamps have been hiding in a box for about 2 years now... but hey Rome wasn't build in just one day right?

And today I did test if the green wires were able to fit in the holes inside the lamp... and they do!! :) So it will be great, I just know it!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


When beeing sick and feeling sorry for yourself, you are allowed to spoil yourself with something great, right? This delicious looking box is now sitting on the table, whispereing: "Open me, see what's inside"

And you don't need to know me that well, to know that I am very very much in love with everything with chokolate. ;) In every way possible.... And no matter my mood or if I am sick or not! 

Yummy, the box contains 3 "Cream puffs" (I am not sure this is the right word for Flødebolle) with marzipan, 1 with raspberries and 2 normal ones.... For me only! :) And I promise that if I can't taste them very well, because of my cold making everything taste the same, I will save them for tomorrow.... They are too good to eat without the maximum joy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lamp project

Finally I found the green paint :) At a company in the neightbour city. So now I can paint my flea market find... and mount it with my lime green wires, IF they fit in the holes, that is.

But at least I will try to do it. The color alone, will help a great deal on the look of these, almost antique, lamps. I feel like a kid again, as I had these lamps in my childhood bedroom. By the way, that lamp gave me an electric shock, because I just had to test if it really would do that, if I put my finger in the socket with the power on. It DID!!!!

I was deffinately one of those kids, you shouldn't tell NOT to touch this or that because it will be kind of dangerous. Because you could be pretty sure, that I would try it sooner or later. It probably would have been better never to tell me what to be aware of... because then I would probably never have had the idea to try it out ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain rain rain

Rain  rain and then some more rain.... I wonder if we ever will get some summer, with warm weather and sunshine, before fall is here? :) I sure hope so, or my inner batteries will run out of energy, before end of this year!

The only good thing I can think of, with all this rain... is the possibility of great shots of the tiny drops. Everything is wet and covered with tiny sparkling "diamonds", making the garden glittery.

Even the plants have had their share of water by now, right? And my tomatoes and my beans really need some sunshine and heat.... so I can harvest great fruits. :) I think I have never seen this small tomato plants, by this time of the year before.

They are still not very tall and they have only about 5 or 6 flowers each. And still no sign of even a tiny green tomato. But hey, they will come, right?

I have been looking so much forward to eating my OWN tomatoes, from my own garden, so it just has to succeed.

Look... there are beans on the plant and there are tomato flowers... So now we only need a bit more :) Becuse 10 beans isn't that much for two people ;) And I am drooling, thinking about great tasting bruchettas, so pleeease grow some tomatos now!! So we're hoping for a great late summer. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grøn Koncert

Finally, today we went to Grøn Koncert (Translated: Green koncert) in the neighbour city Kolding. :) YAY it was awesome!!

Personally, my only wish were to listen to Kashmir!!! I love their music... and okay a bonus is that Kasper, the lead singer is pretty cute! ;) But okay, Kato, Medina, TV2and De eneste to, among others was great too!

And we were sooo lucky. The weather was great... no rain and pretty warm. At the beginning, that is ;) Will I ever learn to remember my jacket???? I guess not! ;) 

But hey, should I get a cold out of this, it's okay!! Kashmir was worth it! Nanna is not sick with some cold or something... I picked her up at the camp she attended all week. And she had a red face and her eyes showed signs of fever. And before she went home with me, some guys grabbed Nanna and dumped her in a pool with cold water ;) And after that they had a "water-fight" ( is there a word for that?)..... So that probably didn't make it any better. So now she went to bed with hot tea, strepsils, nose spray and with less voice than normal :) I hope she will be feeling much better tomorrow... or we might have to see the doc. !

But all in all a super awesome day!!!! So now I will go to bed while having Kashmir music in my head ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A package arrived

Today the post brought me my gift, from a give away, at the blog belonging to Tina Dalbøge. Take a look at her blog, if you need new inspiration and creative ideas, that does not cost you a lot. Now with all the rain and boring outdoor weather, it's time to be creative indoors with the kids.

At least I have 3 books now, to inspire me with new good ideas :) And I am pretty sure that two of the books will end up as presents.

I first met Tina at the Creative indkøbsmesse in Vejle. I went there together with two great women and had a blast. :) And in my oppinion, Tina had sooo many great ideas... a lot of funny things made out of "nothing". So recycling and cheap materials are the essense here, and that we like a lot !

I can only say that I for one am very happy with the books :) Thank you Tina, for a great give away! And thank you to sweet Line, for drawing my name!! :)