Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall is here

Colors of fall on a bench
For once, I went on my normal walk today. Actually I haven't done that since the day where Nanna left for USA. Why? I don't really know....

But today a friend asked me, if I would photograph her dog. A Grand Danois puppy, who is sooo gorgeous! Fotos can be seen here!

After that, I went for my normal walk. Niiice, I have missed that for a while.
The colors outside are just wonderful. The leaves starts to gain so many beautiful colors and they are falling like snow in the winter. The cold is getting worse aswell, even though today have been filled with both sun and clouds.

Nice looking right?
 And to my surprise, the forrest was filled with some sort of mushrooms today. Normally there isn't that many.  Do you know their name? Are they eatable? Not that I dare to try anyway, as I do not know what I am picking ;)

Tunnel of colors.
 With this view, it occurs to me that this is the time of year, where I should visit Skamlingsbanke again. Sooo beautiful there at all times of year. Ohhh think I got to..

Three mushrooms
 Actually I am sitting here, getting the urge to go for a walk again. Now the light outside are golden and so nice. But maybe it's too late for today...the sun is setting very fast at the moment, and even faster where I live, since we live in a valley! Well... we'll see... :)

But at least todays walk were nice.... very nice!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seagulls was a success

Seagulls ended up fine :) Now they only need to be mounted in stones.


This evening I had a good time, cutting some glass. I bought my own glass tools, so that I can work from home too. Great! :)

A few flowers were cut. And later they will be mounted in a rather big stone from the garden, with thick zink thread. A few more flowers will get done first.

Also a butterfly were done, which will be mounted with steel frames, just like the dragonfly I made earlier. But I am still wondering if I should cut out some funny shapes to decorate the wings, or if I should just paint it in a funny way.

And as you can see by the super cool Bambi plaster, glass is veeery dangerous ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have been making a pair of seagulls today. Later on they will be mounted in a stone of some sort. They were fun to do. Because: how does a seagull looks like? And how will it end, cutting those curved lines? Do they scatter to pieces?
Either I were lucky or it was like the bumble bee who does not know that it cannot fly! Because it went very well and nothing broke.

And now they are in the oven cooling off again. I am pretty excited to see what they look like after that.

The seagulls was ordered by a woman. But now that it was going that well, I decided to make two pairs instead of just one. They are pretty nice and fits well in the summer house, right? :)

Photos are taken with my cell phone, thats why they are pretty bad.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One thing lead to another

Well, one thing lead to another... and two rings were done as well. Rubber o-rings and silver. Very very simple but yet nice.

Two new bracelets

Not only one, but two bracelets have been made tonight. GOSH I have been missing some new jewelry to wear. So I am very happy!
The first one is made of multi colored, heavy beautiful stone beads. With a nice mix of silver, crystals and a few rubber o-rings. Pretty nice if you ask me :)

The second bracelet is a mix of green and bluish stone beads. And mixed with those a few o-rings, silver and a glass bead.

Two bracelets I look forward to use! Now I just need new materials for some nice finger rings!


Me and my friend visited Ravstedhus today. There were a reception because they were opening up a new store there.

Some nice stuff ended up in my bag. The stones, not on a string, was for free. A huge bucket on the floor, filled with stones, was for free.... take me, take me, the stones yelled ;)

The stones on strings, I bought for some bracelets. I hope.. or maybe something else :)

And in a gift there was a small thing for meassuring your ring sizes. And elastic band for jewelry and something for a leather bracelet. Greeeat day! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Candy wrapper clutches

A long time ago, since I first saw one of these wallets/clutches, I decided that I had to make one of these for myself. Back then, where only one single company made these expensive wallets.
But I never got to do it..... untill now. Now where they are very popular. But none the less, now is now!!!

So the last few days I have been struggeling with these little pieces of paper and with a surtain amount of stubbornness! Pulse have been skyhigh, I have been sweating aaaand maybe also said some bad words too ;)

BUT now there are two of them. The blue one came first.... and if you look closely, you can see that it is a bit worn out already, because I have been assembling and disassembling it a few times ( okay okay, maybe it was 7 times) ... so a few corners have been squeezed a little and at some places you can see where it's connected to eachother. But the purple wallet is much better and more even.

But I am still looking for the right material for sewing the zipper in. Not too thick and something that can stand beeing used and pulled. Any suggestions? :) I have fishing line in mind... but not sure.

The wallets contains 78 squares. They are 18 x 10 cm big.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Giveaway - WINNERS

Sorry that you had to wait! Energy were gone yesterday, but now I know why. Something flu like has taken over my body now....

But winners are here!! :)

And let me say THANK YOU very much for alle the nice recipees. So many great ones arrived in my inbox. Not all that are juuust me, but I will try a lot of them :) Great with new ideas none the less !! :)

Winner no.1 who gets the white pull tab wallet:

Miv, You won the wallet! Congratulations! I haven't tried your buns yet, but maybe soon? :)

Winner no. 2, who won the glass houses, two pieces that you choose!

Onkel Anne, You won two glass houses. :) Congratulations! Let me know which two you would like!
You sent me several ideas and the "koldskål" sounds sooo nice :)


Winner no. 3, who wins a beautiful necklace with paua shell from New Zealand.

Tanterne, You have won a necklace :) let me know wich one you would like. Congrats!! Gosh your coffee ice sounds great! :)

I hope everybody is happy :) I for myself loves the recipies!! And for now I will put away the fishing pole untill next time. And then jump back in bed with loads of tea and movies :)

Have a nice day!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Give Away - tomorrow

GOSH I have been out on a girls night out, since yesterday. So I am very tired now, and just arrived home.
So the Giveaway will be up for tomorrow instead of today, I hope you understand :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Only TWO days left, untill my giveaway is over. So if you want to join, you still have a little time.

On the 11th of september I will draw the winners!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cluck cluck

Fiiiinally the chickens got done!! They have been on their way for a long time. First one set got destryed in the oven, then my car that wouldn't start .... but finally they are here!!! :) The chickens found their way home!
Their height is approx. 30 cm tall and is mounted in a cobble stone. Glass is float glass, colored with powder colors.

I now have two sets of chickens. That was not what I had in mind from the beginning. The plan was only one set for myself. But I, stupid me, forgot about invert one of the chickens .... so I had to make one more set ;) But okay, then someone else might enjoy the other set.

Monday, September 6, 2010

This is a try

For a looong time, I have been thinking about an english part of my site "A knitting chick says"! Now I will try it this way, instead of writing both in Danish and English right underneath eachother.

I hope you like it!

A month has gone by

Today a whole month has past by, since Nanna went to USA. Time has gone both slow and very fast... very strange feeling! :)

But luckily Nanna is getting along very well! The host family is very very nice and school and friends is getting along too! So what more to ask for?
If only the next few months will be as good as the past one, we are very lucky!!
Many new things have been tasted, new words have been learned. And a lot of questions about the differences between Denmark and USA have been answered! And on top of that, the thoughts about moving there has been growing a lot.

All in all everything is very good!!

Sønderborg and guests from NZ

Old mill
I have been visiting Sønderbog today. My friend from New Zealand was visiting Denmark, to see her family and friends.
Sønderborg Slot
And last time she were home, I never got to see her. But this time we succeeded, in spite of her busy schedule, visiting all the friends and family who all wanted to say hi :) I am happy we got together this time. And the fact that the sourroundings were super nice and the weather was the best in a long time, just made it all better.

The beach where we got to sit for a moment. 

Sønderborg slot and the old bridge
Now that the weather were THAT nice, we decided to go for a walk in the old and beautiful city. I don't even know Sønderborg that weel, but from my expression today I am in love!! WHAT a beautiful city with awesome surrroundings, with beach, city, harbour and city life... and still with a very calm feeling to it.
And the bridge goes up...
I love cities,in wich you can walk to both nature, water and city. :) I know we have a lot of those cities. But some cities just feels more right....

No matter what, I had a great time and we got to talk about a lot of great things. And we ended the day with a glass of wine by an open-air cafe down town Sønderborg. If there were any open-air cafes in my own little village, I would use it a lot!

Old streets
And last but not least, we went back to the house via old roads with old houses. Very nice! :) And sadly everything has it end and I had to go home again. .... btw did you ever notice the spectacular view over Alssund? Nice!

Thank you for a very nice and cozy afternoon Henriette :) Very nice to see you again !!