Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New glass

GOSH I have missed the glass workshop... after a way too long summer holliday we're open again. :) And with new colors of glass on the shelves I am very happy. I got permission to choose some of the colors myself yay! Among the new colors, there was this beautiful green one.... I will show the figures after they are done, so that you really can see the bright green color.

The frog have a small crown on his head... maybe a prince is hiding inside, if you kiss it?

The longer time I spend at the glass workshop, the more I really wish for my own oven!! If only it wasn't that big and that expensive to both buy and use!! But well dreams is good to have, right? :)

In the oven are also two "Sismofytter" as you probably have seen before in here. But I did save some for myself... so this time I will have these two :)

Other than glass, I have made absolutely nothing at all.... But a little is okay too, right?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trailer hitch ball covers

Today I made one more cover :) This time shaped as a baby penguin. This is really testing my crocheting skills... Today I finally figured out how to make a flat cirkle and a bowl shaped cirkle :)

Today have been such a lazy day. And very needed for both Nanna and I. Nanna have had a very buzy schedule lately, with school, work and a social life. And I have been very much active... and been up very very early! For a year, I have been able to sleep late every day, if needed... and now I am up to ensure that Nanna is up and ready for school... just untill she is back in routine. So the alarm clock is starting it's very annoying noise at SIX in the morning... it's still NIGHT!!! ;)

Maybe it's my new daily life that makes my body ache so much. My hands and feet are acting like crazy... keeping me up at night. So crocheting a hitch ball cozy takes me forever.

But none the less, today have been very cozy. Bon Iver on the stereo, while Nanna was writing an essay about him and his new album. The rain that poured down, sending out cozy noises and a fresh smell of grass ... In my cup a nice cup of tea and in my hands a new crocheting project. I really can't wish for a better relaxing sunday :) 

Friday, August 26, 2011


Well now I catched a single lightning after all :) After picking up Nanna at her job, it started to rain with lots of thunder again.... so quickly home and out in the garden with camera and tripod.

But as I only have quite a small angle to see the sky... It wasn't that easy to catch a lightning :) But I got just ONE single one. Maybe I am lucky again later... seems like a new weather system is aproaching :) Not so violent as the last one though!


A moment ago, a thunderstorm went over our heads here in my village. But is it really me who remember something wrong? I seem to remember, that back when I was a small child, thunderstorms were more violent and full of huge lightnings.... And I seem to remember that they storms went on for a longer time, each time.

I love to photograph lightning, but actually I am pretty afraid of thunder. My heart goes bom bom like crazy and I yell OHH and ARGH! But still... I stand there with my camera ready.

Where we lived before, we had a store behind our garden, with some kind of a portio along the house, with a roof over it... So I could photograph without getting wet. And back there I were lucky to catch the above photo and a few more.

But today I wasn't that lucky... the thunderstorm were brief and with only a few lightnings... then it is hard to be lucky!

IS it really me who remembers wrong? Was there more severe thunderstorms back then? Well I can see we get's way more rain now... but lightnings.... I don't think we see that many anymore?

And every time we're having a thunderstorm, after Nanna returned from Oklahoma she just says: "Pfff that? That is nothing mom.... I really miss a true Oklahoma thunderstorm!"  I am super currious to see for myself, what it is that she saw over there :)(must be something like this that she saw:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy to spot

A few days ago, I spotted some great trailer hitch ball covers, while visiting Miss AD.... I was sold and wanted to make my own :) But after trying her pattern a few times, I had nooo idea on how to implement a tail. So I had to start over, my own way!

So finally I started improvising. That is something I'm not that good at... I prefer a pattern to work from in crochet. BUT I won the task and now I have created my own fish. I have improvised a lot... maybe I have used som stitches that doesn't even exist, but it works ;)

So now I can easily spot my car at a parking lot. When sharing car with my parents, I were looking for a pinguin on their car... so now I have my own. Now we'll see for how long it can be left alone on my car....

It looks kind of funny ;) But I have ideas for several... like a pengin, an emo kid, a hello kitty, a rabbit, a tree with a snail on it and so on..... They are so easy to customize!! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

The owl is now done

Today the last feather is done :) In the beginning it felt like forever, to the end of this project... but suddenly I was painting the last feather. Buuut it took me almost all day :)

So right now, the owl is watching us from the couch. The cat doesn't really care... either he sleeps or is begging about getting outside.

So now I am wondering about what frame to use. Black, silver og some bright colered frame... So many possibilities :)

I think it will end up with a black frame.....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Owl, still in progress

Owl in progress
Wow I have been painting today :) Lines, colors... more lines and a lot more colors... ! And I am now a little better in not trying to match the colors all the time, as in the beginning :)

But without a doubt, it's a much bigger project, that I thought in the first place. It does take loads of time! Because in between the painting, we have the more boring household doings. But also because of my aching hands... They really hurst these days and won't cooperate very well. And that does not mix well with this kind of project.

But it get's more and more done... and that's the main case. And in the meantime I really relax by just painting and painting, while my thought wanders.

When Nanna went home today and spotted the owl, she asked: " Hey mom, that's kind of like a coloring book, how funny. Won't you make me one too?" So I just had to find an extra canvas and draw another owl, for her to paint. And Nanna was way faster than me, so her owl is already done :)

Nannas owl
This is how her owl ended up. Done and ready to hang on the wall :) And she says she's not creative at all?! I dissagree!!!

Because all the patterns in the feathers she have made by herself. I just painted an owl with blank feathers .. and with a pencil only. So she have lined it with black ink and colored it for herself.

My owl, I think will be hanging between the bright green lamps :) I need colors on my walls.... or just something on my walls. There's almost nothing on them right now...

Possible spot for the finished owl, later on.
BTW I am sorry for the quality of the photos in this post... Honest... I was too lazy to grab the camera. So you'll have to look at a few mobile shots today :)

Owl in progress

I am relaxing today :) I am drawing on a big owl. The owl is inspired by Anne-Sofie Holm owls, that doesn't surprise most, I guess. I have chosen a 60 c 80 cm canvas and drawing with black ink. So now the slow process of filling out the owl with colors, will start....

And this is where I will be challenged quite a bit. Because I tend to order my colors in systems and controls it way too much. But in this project that is not supposed to happen. It should be random colors in random patterns :) So now we'll how it ends up... if it will end up in the shed outside or on my wall :) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sun dog

On my way home today, I saw this sight... A sun dog, to the left of the sun.... a small bright miniature rainbow.

A really spectacular view... I have only seen it once before. If it wasn't for the clouds to the right of the sun, there would have been one there too :)

Unfortunately I only brought my phone with me today... so the photo is pretty bad.

Favourite shoes

I wonder if it will ever change? About 15 years ago, you would always see me wearing high heels of some sort... then I switched to flat shoes, as my feet started to hurt too much, because of arthritis.(wonder if that was spelled correct) And if possible I wear them for daily use as well as to a party or similar. ;) They are sooo comfy ... especially as they gets older. They are not too hot, nor too cold. They are very comfy for my slim small feet.  And then they come in so many colors :)

I have a pair of white, red, blue, black, green and black with black sequins. And even a pair in black with thick fluffy padding for winter use. But these green ones are my all time favourite.... together with the blach ones with sequins. :)

And I wonder if it will ever chance again.... Do you ever get too old for Converse? Personally I have seen people from age 5 to about 65, wearing these shoes. So in one way you probably never gets too old.... and they come in cheap knock offs too... if you don't care about the name Converse....

What is your favourite footwear? And why? :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


It's pretty hard to start up school again... just saying! And new job at the same time. So some of Nannas days now starts at 6 in the morning and ends around 10.30 in the evening... and that's without  homework. So she is pretty tired these days... a long summer holliday is over :) 

During this rough start I am a little mom-nice, and helps her out where possible. I drive her between school on working days. But after a while with the new routines, I will back off and let her manage on her own.

Oskar, on the other hand, enjoys the moments where Nanna is hitting the couch :) Then it's time for a cozy moment in Nannas arms. That cat has an abillity to purr so loud you can't believe it!

And me? I am up very very early ... at least compared to my normal days ;) But on the other hand, I got to see the moon on a blue sky today.... that doesn't happen very often!

BTW, it's NOT very easy to photograph the moon during daytime :) The colors are very pale and without contrast. But at least I tried...

Well I have a lot to do today, so I better get up off this chair and get going :) Have a nice day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Yesterday, I was at Kloster Mærken, a maket in a village south of here, with great friends :) Cozy little market with good oppotunities to thrift a little. And despite of rain, umbrellas and a pregnant with crutches, we had a great day....

And luckily we had an hour or so, with sunshine and no rain, right when we decided to sit down and enjoy some delicious dinner where they had prepared a whole suckling pig. Yummy, THAT was great! Meat so tender and crackling so delicous that I have never tasted better!!

But actually I didn't buy anything at all, at the market !? What just happened there? :) But not far from the market, we found a small garage sale. And I found the above old clock there. Do you remember it from your childhood? It's ticking noise is so loud, that I am pretty sure the neighbours can hear it too. But it sure can wake up a bear from it's winter sleep!! And I love how the eyes of the owl is looking from side to side to the sound of the tick tock sound.....

So at least one thing went home with me.... in spite of boring wet weather :) And no matter what, I spent the day with great friends, so the day deffinately ended up very good.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucky me

Take a look - am I just lucky or what? A fabulous woman from our village, heard that I was looking for some old embroideries.... and she never forgot. So today I received those on the above photo.... and before that, I have received those below, from time to tome :)

I feel lucky to know her... because I am NOT good at finding these treasures myself.

So now I only have to decide on a project or two :) For a long time I have wanted a laptop bag with embroidery on the front. And I also have an old legrest/stool, that I have been thinking about recovering ... including a part of an embroidery. And finally an old square stool (puf) made out of leather I would do the same way, BUT now Nanna have claimed it to be hers... So I guess I will have to find another project !

But first my stool / legrest. And since it has to fit with the colors of my livingroom, lime green, sea blue, a dash of red and orange etc.... I really can't decide on one embroidery to use :) The one with the woman in the kitchen is way to dark a shade of green....

The two kids, waking hand in hand is pretty nice too... but that one I think will end up on a bag.... but the ships could be good for a bag too :) Hmmm what to do?

First of all, I have to take them out of the frames and give them a gentle wash... as shey really smells of gross cigars and old cellars!! But that could be tomorrows project! Together with putting up a shelf or two... and some lamps.

 NOW the vacation is over !!! ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am not trying to spam you with photos of our new kitten ... but seriously, I just had to share this little powernapping kitten... isn't he cute? :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relaxing today

Oskar in dreamland
Today we have done absolutely nothing... and that includes Oskar. He found a sunny spot on a soft cozy blanket and fell asleep. Amazing, how he can go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds.... and just as fast back to 0!

The night went well. But we now know that he easily can reach the dinner table, because he had knocked over a bottle of Coca Cola.... that was luckily not open.

Except from Oskar, we're all a little lazy today. We have been on the couch all day, with cozy home clothes and wild hair (mostly me).... and I am sure that the rest of the day, will continue this way. Sometimes it's just needed! :)

Oskar 3 seconds before going 100 again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Say hi to Oskar

Say hi to Oskar :) Oskar moved in with us today. He is 12 weeks old and really cuddly. He is so cute! 

He didn't make a sound on the way home, in the car... only purring and a currious look outside the car window.

And after a quick house search at home, he startet to play with Nanna. And even the litterbox is found and used. (later on the litterbox will go, as he will be both in and outdoors later on) 

Oskars mom is 1/4 of a Holy Birma and belonged to my friend Louise. Her name is Karla and her parents both were normal striped cats... nothing spectacular there.... And even the sisters and brothers of Karla, were "normal" cats... but Karla, as the only one, looked exactly like a Holy Birma....

So, that makes Oskar about 1/8 Holy Birma, but he has so many signs of a Birma cat. A Holy Birma is born white or almost white.. and then later on the black mask appears. And the eyes are blue. Not Oskars though... his eyes are some sort of wierd color. But his fur is showing signs on a dark mask in his face and cream colors on his body... except for his tail, that is striped with grey and black, with a white tip.

Really crazy mixture of colors, but very very cuddly and cute :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bilka girl

Today was Nannas first day at her new job, at Bilka in Kolding :) So she went home today, slightly used up but yet positive!

I guess it have been a pretty hard day with a lot of standing up and walking.... Plus learning new stuff. But positive, because it was a good day with super nice people...

But she wasn't more beaten than a visit at her friend felt like the thing to do, after she went home! So now I just sit here, looking at a gift she and all the employees got at work today... a whole bucket of candy!!!!

I wonder if I am allowed to grab a piece or maybe a small hand full? ;) It is really tempting!!

None the less, I hope tomorrow at work, will be as great as today! :)

Dirty work

As in REALLY dirty! :) My dear little VW Polo, have been in my fathers garage, the last few days, with both front wheels looking a lot like Bambi on ice. Both wheels laying on the ground to each side - and everything in between them totally dismantled....

All of this because the car choose to give up 5th gear. Plus a strange sound from the clutch, when idling.

So a new gearbox was found and the car dismantled. And after doing that, you just do everything backwards, right? Noooope ... we have had the gearbox put on and off 3 times today, because it refused to get in place inside the clutch again.

But the 4th try was finally a success and we were able to assemble everything again :)

So at the same time, we changed the short the short sports springs with some normal boring grandma-springs . But we only had time for the front end of the car... so right now the car looks pretty funny, with a high front and a very very low back. So it really looks like we have shopped like crazy and are carrying a lot of goods in the back ;)

Just look at it!! It looks so funny... and right now all the cars passing by me, all blink their headlights to say hello... nice people, right?!!! ;) (Because it's NOT because I am blinding everybody with my own headlights... no no! ;)  )

But tomorrow we will fix the back end of the car ... New springs, so the car will be in balance again. And a new exhaust that does NOT look like a jet engine, like the one on it right now ;) Kind of funny that I change the car from a small tough car, wich looks kind of mean ... to a "grandma-model".... But deffinately much more comfy!!

And after that, I only need to something about the heater... because right now we have a tropical condition, inside the car. A valve does not shut, so choosing cold air settings, only sends ind HOT air..... sigh !!

So this friday, will be the first day with a finished car :) But then it should be in a great condition, that will last some years from now.

No matter what, I really feel lucky, to have a father with a workshop, who loves to help me out with the car :) Thanks a lot dad!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cute idea

I just felt like bragging about my mothers cute idea! On the corner posts of their new terrace, she have hammered in some nails and then placed a few old bottles on them.... and finally decorated them with beautiful flowers from her garden.

My mother rarely brags about her creative skills... but I really think she's great. She really knows how to do magic with flower decorations, boxes for songs or with a garden...  :)

But no doubt about my sudden urge for some old bottles for my own garden fence. The ones on the photo DID belong to me. But I was sure I would never gonna use them again and tossed them... but my mother was pretty fast and snagged them for herself ;)