Saturday, October 15, 2011

The blue-green period

This blue-green wave is hitting me again.... ;) But we received some new blue and green colors at the shop... So I had to try.

The cute larve just went home with me...and already it's taken by my friend Louise. She asked me if I could make some cute stuff for the kids room... for the top shelves ofcourse.... So I had to try that too.

This little bird, I had to try too :) It turned out well, I think. It isn't that wierd in the stone... I just put it there loosely. I will fit it correctly later on. I have to drill some more holes in the stones. But they tend to split in two, almost each time!!

This little birdie, used to have a partner, but something happened in the oven and it looks like crap. They were supposed to stand on a stone in my garden.... But maybe next time :)

This little fellow you know by now ;) My little "sismofyt" :) Now in blue as well. I actually thought this should be mine, to stand besides the green one, that I already have. But now, as soon as he went home with me, someone snached him ;)

This small blue "bowl" I have made a few times. Very cute shape... it's light, thin, and with blue frits and clear dots along the one side :) Maybe for a few candles or some sweets.

This ashtray wasn't made by me. I rescued it from the scrap. My own home is smokefree... but maybe someone else could use it :) It's a pretty blue/black color, with parts that are clear.

So I actully do make glass these days :) I just forget to show you.

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