Thursday, October 20, 2011

New hair

Well a "please just take a quick snapshot of my hair" doesn't do anything good for my feeling of hating to be photographed. ;) But will, I promised an aftershot, so here it is.

I now have lot's of different lenghts in my hair, a little shorter, and asymetric bangs. The colors are new for me, I usually end up with a dark brown, with a shade of another brown or black in it.

But this time, I've got 5 different colors in it. A black underneath it all... you can see it on my shoulders. And then 4 colors: Orange, red and a shade of grey/light and a golden brown.

For the first time, in a looong time, I actually went home, with a good feeling and a: Okay, this can be good :)

I always get an idea for my hair, that never will be done, or I just end up with a boring version of it . But this time more colors were added. And something that actually looks like a haircut and not just staight bangs and straight in the back.

So maybe next time, I will add even more colors!

But for now, I am happy with the warm golden colors, for this grey winter :)

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