Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ribe city

I just want to share a few photos, from our visit to Ribe too.  Ribe is a fantastic great city, with pretty small houses, old houses.... looking like a really old city. You almost expect to see horses with wagons, walking through the city.

But because of the art show and a market in the city, it was extra funny to visit. There were piles of straw, old wooden wagons and so on.... And fruits were sold directly from the back of old wooden great is that?! :)

The weather was so perfect, as I wrote yesterday. You could just walk around with your summer clothes on, and feeling so very warm. So we chose to sit by the small creek, in the hay, eating an icecream. 

Look, a huge icecream with softice and som sugar sweet stuff I don't know what is called in english. :) SOOO delicious! So after that, and a Chai latte on a local coffee shop, we went to look at the starling magic.

But first, before ice, we went to see the local church, an artshow and a marketplace.

Look what I found on the artshow ;) Isn't that great? That will be some very spoiled birds who will eat from that one!!

The idea is great... I wonder if I should do something similar with my mussel?

The surroundings were awesome. An old monastery was housing the art show, with everything from glass art, to cheramics and felt.

But after all the looking at art, church and drinking latte, we went to see the birds... Fantastic day!! :)

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