Thursday, October 6, 2011


On the 2nd of october, my grandma could have had her birthday. She is very missed and she have ment the world to me in my life. She was one of those very positive people, you never heard her complain about nothing, never said anything negative or leant back and said: I can't do that. Never!

Grandma was my number one! Grandma was the one who were ready, after I got home from school, with a nice talk, a hug, a bowl of fruitsoup with cream, a warm lovely smile, some positive words and enough patience to teach me how to knit... even though I was not very good at it!! ;) She just smiled and showed me again and again and again.

Grandma was also a woman with an amazing ability to grow plants. All over their home you would find beautiful flowers. If she was out on a trip, she couldn't help herself but to "borrow" a little sprout, just to bring it home and grow an amazing new plant.

Grandma and grandpa (Grandpa is still with us and he turns 96 on december 1st, and he is still driving his own car :) A person to be proud of), sometimes took us on a camping trip. That have brought me lots of memories. Once they picked up me and my brother and my two cousins, and drowe for a long while and stopped by a small forest. We went for a walk and had lots of fun. Grandpa made us some willow tree whistles and grandma brought lemonade and cake. We simply had a great day! And we were convinced that we have been far far away ;) Later on, years later, we found out that we had been only a few miles from town ;)

Grandma was there for us during christmas too... we were baking small christmas pepper biscuits and small cookies shaped as animals... and then we decorated them with colored icing. Not very pretty but deffinately funny!

So the other day, with my dear grandma in my thoughts, I bought the figure above. It's called "Rememer - Always I will remember" and is from the company  Willow Tree by Susan Lordi. I bought my first one, last year, while Nanna was in USA and have been in love with them for a long long time. They are so cute and really shows emotions in a beautiful way.

And very soon I will get another one... actually with grandma in my thought as well. A little girl holding a bouquet of forget-me-nots in her hands (you'll see it on their website, on the front page) Grandma loved those tiny flowers and had them on their terrace. And often you'll see a small bouqet of them, on her grave. A pretty tiny flower, wich always makes me think about my grandma :)

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