Monday, October 3, 2011

Camomille is done

The Camomille sjawl is done :) Wohooo victory!! It have been on it's way for a long long time. My knitting mojo have been gone and then suddently it went back to me! And then the edge was teasing me....I never forget to look for corrections again! ;)

The colors on the photos isn't right. It is way more green and not so pale as shown. But after drying, I will shoot some good photos of it.

And I am lucky that I didn't have a single bed, but a 3/4'er... Or there wouldn't be room for a big shawl to dry. I already had to put needles in it, on the side of the bed too. Maybe I should wish for a bigger bed... and a bigger house ;)

Then after finishing Camomille, I went looking for something new to knit. I found out that I had the "Skulderblad" kit in stock. I will never get it knitted, so I am selling it. Let me know if you're interrested :) 
The yarn is green, as on this link! 

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