Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camomille is done

Finally I finished the Camomille sjawl and it is now dry too, so that I could photograph it. Now with the true color.

It is now so soft and cozy, after a wash. But it is huge for a scarf/shaw, for a small person like me ;)

But it's shape makes it great to wear... it does not fall of your shoulders.

Well I just managed to shoot this photo, before the rain came in for real :) And then I have to say that I do NOT have that pointy shoulders while stretching out my arms ;) The shawl dried up on my manequin... I should have thought about that!

I can now say for sure, that I really want to knit one more. In a grey or black color... that will be wearable for all of my clothes :)

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