Saturday, October 1, 2011

Starling magic

A very sudden idea, and my neighbour and I went to Ribe. A city at the west coast of Denmark. For a long time, we both have thought about going there, to see starling magic. So off we went!

The car was ready and we drove from home.... First we went to Ribe city, to see som art displays. A lot of artists were showing their glass art, cheramic and different kinds of art.

So first a great day in Ribe, with art, church visit, fleamarket, walking in the city and relaxing at the small coffee  shops. And THEN to the coast, to see the birds. We drowe together with all the people who wanted to go there... and GOSH we were about 150 to 200 cars in one row, following each other throug the city!

And all the way along the place, where the birds were supposed to land, there was people standing, watching and waiting. All were we looking for the small batches of starlings coming in from all over... untill they, hopefully would do their magic on the sky.

Really, there was thousands of starlings there. And they arrived in huge flocks.... but the really pretty sights of huge flocks dancing, we wasn't lucky to see...  :( Too bad, as I reeeeally wanted to see it, and to photograph it. 

The weather we couldn't blame... it have been fantastic weather today!! We broke a record today, I just heard in the TV. It is the first time ever, that we have had a summerday with 26 degrees, in October!!

So it really was a great day to visit Ribe and to walk outside. Maybe I should go to the coast again tomorrow, to see if I am lucky to see the magic? I really wanna se those starlings dance!!

But well... if the starlings don't wanna dance, the moon sure would!! Et hang there, looking so nice, together with the most beautiful sundown ever.

And just after sundown, the fog was sneaking in on us...

It looked like gray water... as it lay there, shining... And there's reeeally dark out there, in the middle of nowhere, in the evening... just saying!!! I would not be happy out there, with no car or no light!!

But, none the less it was a great sight to see the sun setting... and some of the starlings dance a bit. Deffinately not the last time, that I will go there.

Our guide, Klaus Melbye, told great stories about the starlings and they way of living. And why they were doing their magic... and so much more. Most deffinately a man I would listen to again :)

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