Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning to make a ring

Today, and 3 more days, I will learn how to make my own silver jewelry. Or at least I am trying to take in as much info as possible ;)

Right now I am making a ring. First a 3 mm ring is made from scratch. Cutting the 3 mm wire, file it, hammer it in shape, solder it together and  grind it very fine. Then wind a fine silver wire around the thick one. This one will be shiny. Then I have soldered it together... and now I just have to wait for a whoooole week untill next time :) 

I am NOT good at waiting, while working on something new and exciting!

My thought is, that next time, I will solder a lot of smalle bobbles of silver on the ring.. especially on th thin wire...s o that it will be almost hidden... and maybe put on a small gem too. I am not sure... because new ideas pops up all the time and my mind changes... I want it all.. but that is not easy with only 4 times of teaching.

But YET another thing I could see myself do at home! SO for my family: This xmas I wish for a burner, half a kg silver, some art clay, some of this and that, some pincers and pliers and so on.... GOSH I can't wait for xmas!  (... hmmm or.... )

I guess that for now I am just looking forward to next thursday!

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