Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pride !

Today I became a "substitue-aunt"!!! ;) My best friend gave birth to a beautiful daughter today. She is sooo cute and pretty :) And yep, I am so proud of them! Think about it.... isn't it a wonder that we as humans, can make such a miracle?

Calm now, I am not thinking about a baby again ;) But I am impressed and very proud on their behalf. And happy that I had the opportunity to follow her all the way through. And to be amongst the first ones to see her, only a few hours old :)

Back almost 18 years ago, when I gave birth to Nanna... I was put through general anaesthesia, right after I gave birth to her. SO I don't remember a lot from the first day... and I was too tired to really enjoy. But now I am just looking, enjoying, looking, smelling her tiny head, and just taking it all in :)  And I enjoy it sooo much! 

The proud new big sister, was so cute today. "Look, there's my new baby sister"; she pointed proud. And "Look, flowers for mum!", as she showed the flowers she brought for the new parents. She is in a funny age right now... telling so many funny stories.

As today, when she was told about her new baby sister and her new title as Big Sister! "But I can still fit my shoes?!, she said, very confused. Hahaha so funny.... I guess she thought she would wake up, as big as her bonus-bigsister ;) Strange world huh?

But what a great day.... getting up to sunshine a new little worldcitizen!

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